Amazing download numbers from App Turbo promotion

This post should be very interesting for all mobile application developers that struggle reaching new users, we don’t usually publish our marketing info but this campaign was really exceptional so we decided to share the information.

A month ago we were approached by App Turbo with an interesting offer to publish CRYPTICA in an “App of the day” campaign; the concept is simple and well known – giving away free copies for 24 hours and hopefully reaching new users and improving the rating in the AppStore and Google Play. A double-platform promo was scheduled on April 22 (targeting both Android and iOS).
We were expecting several thousands of downloads but when the campaign began we were amazed from the traffic.

As you can see in the graphs below the number of downloads reached more than 200,000 in one day with more than 300 ratings / comments on the markets and many emails to our support service from players asking for additional features.

Daily device installs on Android

Daily device installs on iOS

Most of the downloads came from European countries such as: Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, and Sweden. But a lot were also from Canada and Brazil.
Overall the campaign was a huge success since most of the players before the campaign came from US and now we see very nice purchase numbers coming from Europe. 

Get The Nut - Now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

We are happy to announce that Get The Nut is now available in the AppStore.
Try this cute puzzle game and let us know what you think: Get The Nut

Just Released: Get The Nut for Android

Try Get The Nut Lite - FREE

Key Features:
• 144 levels
• Easy and hard puzzles to suite everyone
• 4 different areas with unique mechanics and look & feel
• Super cute characters and animations
• Fantastic graphics
Download now from Google Play:

Get The Nut Lite (FREE)

Get The Nut (FULL) 

Cryptica Is Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

We are proud to say that Cryptica, our challenging puzzle game is now available in both Apple's Appstore and Google Play.

Androidiario Review for Cryptica

We received an email today with a really nice review for Cryptica from Androidiario,
The review is in Portuguese and is targeting people from Brazil:

Thank you edvin for the nice review and Olá eveyone :-)

Cryptica v1.6 is out

Hi Everyone,
We have just published the new version of Cryptica for Android.

Recent Changes:

* Undo Button

* Mark for perfect solution (level complete window and levels menu)

- A perfect score, level solved in minimum steps

- 3 square score, close to minimum steps

* General bugs and errors


Google staff had just featured CRYPTICA on Google Play Store

Google, Thanks for choosing Cryptica to be featured on Google Play!
We are thrilled and the respose is awsome :-) yay...